Top 5 Two Person Hot Tub Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Owning a two-person hot tub is on many couples' wish list. The thought of spending a romantic evening in warm relaxing water motivates many people to buy one.

If you want to buy a two-person hot tub, then you'd better brace yourself for a big dent in your wallet. Before spending all that money, you have to be sure that what you're getting is your money's worth.

Top 5 Reviews of the Best 2 Person Hot Tubs

With the rapid emergence of companies manufacturing two-person hot tubs today, choosing the best among hundreds of choices is a daunting task. But you don't need to worry because we've got you covered. Below is a review of five of the best two-person hot tubs on the market.


This two-person hot tub is very durable due to its modeled inner shell. It is manufactured using highly insulative materials hence keeps your water warm for long.

It comes with an easy plug and play mechanism that simplifies the installation process a lot. It also comes with an inbuilt Ozonator which uses active ozone bubbles to clean your hot tub water actively.

It is triangular in shape hence can fit in any corner or open space based on your preference.


  • Features a heavy-duty whisper-quiet titanium heater
  • Balanced filtration. It comes with 50 ft. reusable filters
  • Plug and play kit ensures optimum performance
  • Has directional controls that target pressure flow to specific stress areas enhancing your therapeutic experience
  • Comes with a corona discharge cell that keeps water crystal clear through a HydroClear Ozonator
  • Durable
  • Easy to install


  • Quite expensive


This 2-person hot tub comes in an oval shape. It also has a compact design enabling it to fit in small spaces.

Its plug & play mechanism enhances your hot tub experience by providing easy control of the hot tub.

It comes with 16 jets that target water pressure to your muscles, thus giving you a very soothing therapeutic experience.

This tub is manufactured using a three-layer strengthening process called dura-bond. It is, therefore, very durable. It also comes with an Econo-Boost heat recovery system to keep your hot tub water warm.


  • Provides a unique therapeutic experience
  • Comes with an easy plug and play system
  • Heated by a push-button heavy-duty heater
  • Has multi-colored LED lights that provide a visually stimulating experience
  • Comes with a lightweight hydro-Armor folding cover


  • According to some users, their customer service is not that great


It is powered by a 2-speed pump. It has an adjustable leg, feet, and back jets to enhance your relaxing therapeutic experience. In spite of its compact design, it can fit up to three people.

It features a heavy-duty insulated spa cover, stainless steel heater, LED lighting, and high-quality filters to enhance user experience.

All the components of this hot tub are easily accessible by simply removing the stainless steel cabinet fasteners.


  • It features 24 stainless steel hydroelectric jets with an asymmetrical system.
  • Compact in size and can fit up to three people.
  • It comes with an insulation cover with locking clips.


  • Its size denies the seat and lounge chairs the steepness they require
  • Does not come with an armrest


This hot tub has a simple, compact design. It is also straightforward to install; hence no professional assistance is required during installation.

It has very efficient energy-saving features; hence you will not incur hefty operational costs like electric bills.

Its weight and compact design make it highly portable. Despite all its great features and durability, it is quite affordable.

The downside of using this hot tub is that you will have to bear with its noisy heater.


  • Very energy efficient
  • Affordable
  • Comes with plug and play mechanisms hence it is easy to install
  • Its lightweight and compact design increase its portability
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Has a two-stage heating system ensuring high water temperatures whenever needed


  • Has a noisy heater
  • Temperature reading during the day is hard
  • Does not come with setup instructions


It is made of a highly durable Tri-Tech material.
This is an inflatable hot tub. It is also very light and portable; hence you can change its position at any time.

Due to its compact design, it can only accommodate two people comfortably.

It comes with its electrical air pump.


  • It can be installed anywhere
  • Has a simple digital control panel
  • Very easy to install, use and empty


  • Does not come with seats
  • Its heater and bubblejet components cannot work at the same time
  • It has an automatic 72-hour hibernation period.

Buying guide for two-person hot tubs

Before digging into your pockets to buy a two-person hot tub, you should first consider the following factors.

1. Space

This is the first thing you should consider. Before going to the store, or wherever you will buy your hot tub, you should take measurements of the place you intend to put it.

Two-person hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes; hence it is pretty easy to find one that fits into your space.

2. Energy efficiency

Buying a hot tub with poor energy efficiency is a serious blowback as you will incur high electric bills during the entire time you use it.

A good, energy-efficient hot tub should be well insulated to reduce heat loss and have energy-saving components.

3. The reputation of the brand

You should not play a guessing game when investing in a hot tub. A hot tub is meant to last many years, but not all brands produce lasting products. It is better to err on the safe side by choosing a hot tub from a well known and reputable brand.

4. Your budget

Hot tubs vary in cost depending on size, features, and brand. Before you start going from product to product searching for the best one, you should first contemplate your budget. Considering your budget helps in narrowing down your choices; hence you can shop more effectively.

Tips on how to care for your two-person hot tub

1. Test it regularly

Maintaining your hot tub in good condition goes beyond cleaning dirt and debris. You also have to test chemical concentrations in the water.

Chemicals present in your hot tub that need testing are; chlorine (both free and total chlorine), pH, bromine, cyanuric acid, and alkalinity.

You can test using either test strips or liquid tests, depending on your preference. You should note that liquid tests are more accurate than test strips.

2. Add fill water

When you leave your hot tub empty, the skimmer sucks air instead of water, and this can damage the pump. The water level should be maintained at the skimmer intake level; it can be at the middle or a little higher.

While filling your spa, you should observe the water level so as not to overflow it.

3. Clean it

When left open, dirt and debris fall into your hot tub. Regular cleaning should be done to prevent these impurities from damaging your hot tub components. Also, full cleaning should be done at least every 4-6 months.

4. Cover it

Covering your hot tub increases its energy efficiency because less heat is lost. It also keeps your hot tub clean by keeping out dirt and debris. There are a variety of hot tub covers to choose from; hence finding one suitable for your hot tub is a simple task.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - 2 Person Spa

Question: Should I leave my two-person hot tub on always?
Answer: Hot tubs are designed to be on all the time. Switching off your hot tub when not in use causes it to use more energy to warm the water again. However, if you use your hot tub on rare occasions, then it's more convenient to switch it off.

Question: How often should I shock my two-person hot tub?
Answer: Experts recommend shocking at least once a week. If your hot tub is used a lot, then you should shock it at least twice or thrice a week. If you observe cloudiness in the hot tub's water or stayed a long time without using your tub, you should also shock it.

Question: What would happen if I heated my hot tub with the jets on?
Answer: Contrary to popular belief, heating your pool with the jets on slows down the heating up process. The air from the jets cools down the water you intend to heat; hence the hot tub takes longer to heat up.


Two-person hot tubs cost a lot of money. Making a wrong decision when purchasing one could leave you with regret and disappointment. Not to mention losing the money you spent buying it. Before purchasing a hot tub, you should consider the factors we've listed above in the article.

If you don't want to spend several hours moving around looking for the best hot tub, you can consider choosing any of the five hot tubs we have reviewed. If you already own one, we have also listed a few methods you can use to maintain your hot tub in good condition.