Top 9 Hot Tub Handrail Reviews for 2020

The wet surface, coupled with the height of hot tubs, can make it difficult and, in some cases, dangerous getting into one. This problem applies to adults, children, and the disabled. Getting into a hot tub without support is both hard and challenging for everyone.

Every problem has a solution. That is where hot tub handrails come in. With the support they provide, getting in and out of your hot tub is safe and seamless. But just because they are a necessary accessory to your hot tub does not mean that you should just buy any hot tub handrail that you find. You have to get the best one that suits your needs and preference.

With hundreds of products and brands to choose from, searching for the best hot tub handrail can be a hard task, but there is no need for you to worry because we've got you! This handrail guide has everything you need to know to make the right choice and even provide a review of some of the best hot tub handrails in the market.

Here is what you will find on this comprehensive guide on hot tub handrails.

​Factors to consider when shopping for a hot tub handrail

1. The type of your hot tub

All handrails are designed to fit in a particular hot tub design that corresponds to its fitting and working mechanisms. Some handrails are designed for above ground spas while others are designed for recessed hot tubs.

2. Size of your hot tub

Knowing the measurements of your hot tub in terms of length and width is crucial in choosing a hot tub handrail. Handrails come in different sizes and fit on hot tubs that correspond to their height.

A shorter handrail would be nearly impossible to install, while a more extended handrail would be almost useless. It is, therefore, necessary to buy one that fits directly with our hot tub.

3. Safety functions of the handrail

You should look for a handrail with security features i.e. LED lighting and locking mechanisms to make your bath stress-free.

4. The material of the handrail

Materials vary in strength and durability. Steel, for example, is stronger and more durable than wood or plastic. You should look for a handrail made of a strong and durable material that resists both rust and breakage.

5. Ease of installation

The ease of installation of a handrail is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing it. Handrails that are mounted to the side of the deck require specialized hardware to create a robust and stable foundation. This extra hardware can sometimes be hard to assemble and install.

6. Availability, duration, and terms of the warranty

Sometimes you may end up buying a faulty product unknowingly or breaking it soon after purchasing it. When purchasing a handrail, it is essential that you look for one with a warranty that not only lasts long but has favorable terms.

Review of the Nine Top-rated Handrails and Top Pick


​This handrail has an excellent design that utilizes the weight of your hot tub to improve stability using its under-spa base. Its unique design also makes it quite easy to install.

The principal precaution to take while installing this handrail is making sure that your hot tub is empty before you install it.

It has a great handle that rotates 360 degrees to allow for seamless assisted hot tub entry or exit. It also comes with features. They include LED lighting and locking technique to ensure safety.


  • Handle rotates 360 degrees
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Comes with LED lighting and locking mechanisms for added safety
  • ​It is firm and stable


  • ​It can only be installed on spas with a height ranging between 30’ and 40 inches
  • ​The manufacturer does not provide a manual for installing the LED lights


​This handrail is excellent for aging adults for entering and exiting the hot tub. Its design features a mounting base for added stability and durability.

This feature also makes it very effortless to assemble. It is made of stainless steel hardware; hence it is resistant to rust and corrosion that occurs due to long term use.

The Guardian is very durable and competitively priced, thus making it a combination of both value and quality.


  • ​It is easy to assemble and install
  • ​Made of heavy-duty stainless steel for enhanced durability
  • ​Comes with a significant-lock knob


  • ​Unless the handle is insulated, it is not suitable for outdoor use in cold weather


If you are interested in a side-mounted handrail, then this might just be the product for you.

Its compact design allows easy installation, and the handle comes with an added advantage because it can also serve as a towel bar.

This handrail is built for strength, durability, and stability. It comes with an instruction manual and all associated hardware, thus making installation very easy.


  • ​Can serve as both a handrail and towel bar
  • ​Quite easy to assemble and install
  • ​Very strong and durable
  • ​It is powder-coated to resist rust
  • ​Comes with all necessary hardware


  • ​Can only rotate 180 degrees
  • ​It is quite expensive


This handrail is side-mounted and can be mounted on almost all above-ground hot tubs and spas.

It is pretty easy to use and convenient too as its adjustable top bracket, and a long time allows you to install it anywhere you please according to your needs and preferences.

It is firm and durable, and although it requires to be screwed in at the side, it is pretty easy to install.


  • ​It is made of powder-coated aluminum
  • ​The handle turns 360 degrees
  • ​East to install and comes with all necessary components
  • ​Its top bracket is adjustable
  • ​Can be mounted on any above-ground hot tub or spa


  • ​Does not have a locking mechanism
  • ​It is quite expensive


This under-slide mounted handrail is very durable and has excellent functionality, thus making it among the best on the market.

Its handles can swerve 360 degrees and does not require any hardware or assembly to install, thus making it easy to use and install.

It stands out due to its practical and convenient design, coupled with the fact that it is highly durable.


  • ​Its hardware is zinc-plated with a powder finish for enhanced durability
  • ​Has LED lighting
  • ​Can swerve 360 degrees and has multi-position locking features
  • ​Very easy to install since it does not require any assembly or hardware to install
  • ​It is ideal for above ground spas with a height of up to 40 inches
  • ​Has a rigid and stable design


  • ​It is not suitable for recessed or in-ground spas


This handrail is suitable for recessed spas and offers added safety and convenience. When installing, it is mounted on a recessed spa or on the spa cabinet itself.

Its excellent design, coupled with its stability and durability, makes it a unique accessory for in-ground spas and hot tubs.

We, however, recommend replacing the locking bolt with a pull-pin-locking mechanism to allow it to be raised or lowered to accommodate the spa cover.


  • ​Ideal for in-ground hot tubs
  • ​Its frame is powder-coated hence it is rust-resistant
  • ​Very durable
  • ​Comes with a complete installation kit
  • ​Its design is compatible with most spa brands designs


  • ​It does not rotate, i.e., it is stationary
  • ​The locking bolts it comes with don't allow it to be raised or lowered


This handrail comes with a lift & turn Base that allows easy installation and use. Its handle swivels 180 degrees to ease the process of having a bath especially getting out of your tub.

It is manufactured to be highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Its design also makes it quite easy to install on in-ground spas and hot tubs because it does not require any support or digging to mount it.


  • ​It is made from a durable non-metallic material
  • ​Its material is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • ​Its temperature is not affected by the weather hence it is suitable for both hot and cold conditions
  • ​The lift &turn feature enables it to swerve 180 degrees
  • ​It is compatible with in-ground hot tubs and spas


  • ​It only swivels 180 degrees
  • ​Has limited height clearance


This handrail is pretty easy to install and use. With its under-slide mounting mechanism and 360 degrees rotation for the handle, it’s competitive to other products on the market.

It is compatible with above ground hot tubs and spas with heights ranging 40 inches. It also features LED lighting and a locking mechanism.


  • ​LED lighting
  • ​Easy to install and use
  • ​Comes with a locking mechanism


  • ​It Is a bit expensive


This is a fixed handrail made of rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum tubes. It is compatible with most in-ground hot tubs and spas. It is 30 inches tall to provide easy entry and exit from your hot tub.

This handrail is installed by being drilled into the ground next to your hot tub. This mode of installation is not hard as all you have to do is drill some holes and fasten the screws.


  • ​Very durable
  • ​Made of rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum tubes
  • ​30 inches tall to provide convenience
  • ​Easy to install and use


  • ​It is only compatible with in-ground spas and hot tubs
  • ​Installation requires drilling into the ground

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail. It is effortless to install giving much convenience.

This handrail does not require any drilling to your hot tub or floor for installation. Its ability to turn 360 degrees is also a big plus because that means that getting in and out of your hot tub will be seamless.

The LED feature and locking mechanisms also increase its competitiveness and safety while in use. Another reason for taking it as our top pick is its durability and simplistic design that eases installation and utilization.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to safety in hot tubs and spas, one thing is for sure, handrails are essential. They provide the necessary support, so you don't slip and also add the appeal of your hot tub. Handrails are like the jewelry of your hot tub.

When choosing one, always focus on its materials and critical features like LED lighting and the maximum angle it can turn. This will enable you to choose a handrail that is not only reliable but also convenient to use.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question: Do I really need a handrail?

Answer: Yes! You do. Handrails are essential in keeping you and the other people who use your hot tub or spa safe. The support they offer minimizes the risk of slipping and also facilitates getting in and out of your hot tub easily. If you or another person using the hot tub is disabled, then installing a handrail is a must.

Question: How are handrails installed?

Answer: The mode of installation of handrails depends on the model and the type of spa it is intended for. Handrails for above ground saps are mainly mounted using the under-slide feature or screwed to the side of the spa or hot tub. On the other hand, handrails for in-ground spas are mostly installed by being screwed to the ground or the exposed part of the hot tub.

Question: How do I know which handrail fits on my hot tub?

Answer: Most portable hot tubs heat up to 40 degrees. This is hotter than what most people prefer and can be turned down using the controller. Also, they cannot get any hotter than 40 degrees since the high temperature might damage the materials used to make them.

4. Question: What do I Need to Start using My Inflatable Hot Tub?

Answer: Handrails come in different designs for above ground and in-ground hot tubs and spas. The compatibility of the handrail is always written on the pack, but you can always ask the salesperson to clarify it for you. If you still encounter issues in choosing the best handrail, you can contact us. We will answer any further questions you have.


If you had a problem choosing the best handrail to install on your hot tub, then we hope that this guide on handrails has been of help to you.

However, if you don't want to engage in the hustle of moving around from store to store trying to find that perfect handrail that suits you, you can consider choosing one of the ones we've reviewed. We assure you that what you've read is what you will receive.