Top 7 Hot Tub Pumps Reviewed For 2020

A lot of people take their hot tub for advantage. We never stop to think about how important of a role the pump has in keeping out hot tub running smoothly. Without a working pump, you would just be sitting in a pool of cold water because a pump not only helps to circulate the water but also helps to warm it.

While picking the best hot tub is always what's on everyone's mind, it is important that you remember to get the best pump as well. This article will break down some of the best pumps on the market.

Hot Tub Pump Buying Guide

There are several very important things to be considered when it comes to picking out the right pump, and these things are horsepower, speed, frame, and voltage.

While you may think that you have to buy a pump with the exact same horsepower as the one that came with your hot tub, but this is not true. It is recommended to not use a pump that has a horsepower over 1 level from your previous one.

A pump can only come at two different speeds: 1 speed and 2 speed. The speed can usually be found on the pump, but if it doesn't say, it is easy to figure it out. The way the water is pushed through the jets will help determine the type of pump. If the speed stays still after two different pushes to the button, then it is one speed, but if it changes, then it is a two speed.

This is the part where the bolts fit and are attached at the end of the motor where it gets wet, and they usually come in 48 or 56. One the pump, you can find the size next to the letter f, but if the pump does not have the size, you can easily measure it yourself. All you have to do is measure the distance between the bolts; a 48 is less than inches, and a 56 is over 4 inches.

The voltage is the one thing that can not be changed, or you run the risk of destroying the motor of the hot tub. The two different types of volts on hot tubs are 240V and 120V, and you have to get the right one.

Top 7 Hot Tub Pumps and Top Pick


This pump is made with universal voltage, which means it works for 120V/240V - 40W - 50/60HZ. It comes with an in/out hose connection that measures 3/4 inches barbed.

The cord on this pump measures 48 inches. It has a great tun-dry thermal shutoff protection feature to prevent accidents.

It is guaranteed to run as good as if not better then an OEM pump. This is the newest model that replaced one that is now obsolete.

The things that make this new model so different and better are that it is made with an insulated polymer case and comes with a ground wire cord.


  • ​Run-Dry Thermal Shutoff
  • ​Resistant to Corrosion and Rust
  • ​Smaller and Lighter in Size
  • ​Easy To Install
  • ​No Noise While Running
  • ​More Pressure From Jets


  • ​No Grounding Post On Old Model
  • ​Pricey


​The wet end of this pump is made to be very versatile. It comes with Viton shaft seals for the best possible prevention of leaks.

While the frame is made to keep the motor color, which will make it last longer, it is made with a 56-frame for plenty of added strength to stand up to the job.

The motor on this pump is 5 horsepower and 230 volt with 2 inches intake and discharge. It is a two-speed motor, and it runs on 16.4 amps on the top speed and 4.8 amps on the bottom speed. This pump cannot be submerged during use.


  • ​Cooler Operating Temperature
  • ​220 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate
  • ​Wet End Can Be Rotated Every 90 Degrees
  • ​Less Energy Consumption
  • ​Quick Installation
  • ​Built To Last
  • ​No Noise While Running


  • ​Seller Won't Help If Faulty
  • ​Pump Not Always Durable


​This pump is made to be completely submersible, and it has the technology built in to shut off the pump when the water level gets low enough for it to float.

The motor on this pump is not as strong as others but that is because it is made to be submersible, and it has 1/2 horsepower.


  • ​Capable Of Pumping Up To 1,800 Gallons An Hour
  • ​Overhear Prevention Mechanism
  • ​Completely Portable and Submersible
  • ​Easy To Carry Frame
  • ​Very Easy To Use
  • ​Built To Be Durable


  • ​Won't Drain Completely


This pump is made to be completely submersible, and it comes with a 25 feet discharge hose and clamp that are completely waterproof. Since this pump comes with such a large hose, it can be used on a wide range of water features that need to be drained, such as a pool, tank, fountain, or pond.

The bottom of the pump is made with fold-able legs, which helps to provide the best draining possible. This made to be more portable than other pumps because it comes with a great streamline handle for carrying it around.

The cord to this pump is also waterproof and also measures to 25 feet. This pump can be used with any standard outdoor water spigot.


  • ​Drains Up To 3,700 Gallons Per Hour
  • ​Impact Resistant Casting
  • ​Waterproof Cord
  • ​Fast At Getting Job Done
  • ​Removes All Water
  • ​Powerful Motor


  • ​Breaks down Easily and Quickly
  • ​Made Of Cheap Materials


​The motor on this pump is a 1.5 HP 2-speed, a 48-frame motor, and a 110-120VAC. The pump has a 2 inches intake and side discharge, and the outside thread diameter is 3 inches.

​It is made to be efficient and hi-performance with a 155 GPM. This pump is a two speed with a high speed at 13.8 Amps and a low speed at 3.8 Amps.


  • ​A Lot Quitter Than Other Pumps
  • ​Very Easy To Install
  • ​A Lot Of Power Despite Small Size
  • ​Easy Installation
  • ​Excellent Water Flow
  • ​Powerful Motor


  • ​Not Reliable To Run


The horsepower of this pump is 4, and it is a 56-frame pump. The pump is a two-speed pump, and the engine is a 230 volt. This pump has a 2-inch intake and a 2-inch discharge. The motor of the pump is made to be able to stay cooler, which helps to prolong its life.

There is higher head pressure on this pump because it is 6.5 inches in diameter at the wet end. The capacitor on this pump is split, which means it consumes less energy.

The wet end is made to be able to turn it all the way around every 90 degrees. It is made with Viton seals for preventing any major leaking problems.


  • ​2 Double Shielded Ball Bearings With moisture Resistant Grease
  • ​Runs A Lot Quieter
  • ​Longer Life
  • ​Wiring Is Simple
  • ​Runs Quietly
  • ​Powerful Motor


  • ​Prone To Leaking
  • ​Shipment Mishandling Frequent


​The fitting on this pump measures to 2 inches with a little of 3 inch outside thread measurement. The speed of this motor is 1/8HP, and it is a 13 3/4 amp.


  • ​Very Easy To Install
  • ​Extremely Quiet Compared To Others
  • ​Great Customer Service
  • ​Fits Perfectly
  • ​Energy Efficient
  • ​Higher Water Flow


  • ​Wiring Is Different From Older Models
  • ​Noisy
  • ​Get Warm While Running

Hot Tub Pumps - Top Pick

​The top pick of hot pump that can be chosen from is the Spa Circulation Pump for Watkins Hot Tubs by Laing.

It has the best features that could be found in a pump and works for a wide range of hot tubs. The motor is very strong, and it gets the job done without any excess noise to ruin the atmosphere.

​The Waterway Plastics 3722021-1D Executive Spa Pump is the top-rated by other customers that have been included in this list.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Question: How do I prepare for my hot tub to be installed?

Answer: ​There are three important things to keep in mind when picking a spot and getting it ready for your hot tub to be installed, and these are a strong and level spot for it to sit, a strong enough power outlet to run it, and the proper piping for filling it. There are many more complicated things that have to be considered if the hot tub is set to be set in the ground, and it is important to always consult with whoever is installing the hot tub beforehand.

2. Question: ​Should I leave my hot tub running or heat it for each use?

Answer: ​If you seem to have set up the routine of using your hot tub nightly, then it would be wise to leave it running all the time in order to stay warm. Keeping it running all the time can use more energy, so if you do not use it every night, it would be wise to heat it up each time you go to use it.

3 Question: ​How much time does it take to fill my hot tub?

Answer: ​
There are many things that can play into how long it will take for you to fill your hot tub. These things include the size of the pipes fed to the hot tub, the size of the hot tub, and your water pressure. A decently sized pipe with good water pressure will get the job done in a timely manner, but if the hot tub is large in size, it might take a while to fill the full size of the basin.

4. Question: ​Why is my hot tub not staying hot?

Answer: ​

The three different things that could be causing this problem is the heater not working right, the pump not working right, or there might not be enough water in the hot tub. If the hot tub heats up again during a new use, then the heater is going bad and needs to be replaced.

The pump kicking the jets can turn off the heat, but there is a switch that can be hit to prevent this from happening. It might seem weird to say the water level could affect the heat, but it is true because the heater registers that the hot tub is not being used if there is not enough water within the basin.

Final Thoughts on Pumps For Hot Tubs

Now, I know this article has probably opened your eyes to how important it is to be careful when getting the perfect pump for your hot tub, but I can promise you that you will not regret it if you pick one of the ones that have been outlined above.

Just remember that you have to make sure the pump will work for your hot tub before you purchase it because different hot tubs have different power outputs. Also, you need to know in advance how you want your hot tub to run, because the power of the motor on the pump can make a large difference in how your hot tub runs.