Top 7 Hot Tub Vacuum Reviews and Buying Guide - 2020

Just like everything else under the sun, hot tubs also get dirty. When they do, cleaning them becomes an issue. Reaching into those hidden spots around the hot tubs corners and design edges can be hard and ‘boring.' Not to mention how much time it takes to clean.

Although using a regular brush does the job when you find debris, brushes don't work well, and you end up looking like you're just playing in the water. Lucky for you, there is a more comfortable and more efficient way to do it by using a hot tub vacuum cleaner. Hot tub vacuum cleaners don't just clean. They clean thoroughly, fast, and don't require much of your energy.

Even though they get things done, it doesn’t mean they all do it well. If you want to enjoy a good vacuuming experience, then you should get the best vacuum cleaner. But, how do you know the perfect hot tub vacuum cleaner to buy? The most straightforward answer to that question is, continuing to read, and we'll tell you all about them.

This Best Spa Vacuum Cleaner Guide Features;

  • ​How a Hot Tub operates
  • ​Why purchase a tub vacuum cleaner?
  • ​Things to consider when acquiring a vacuum cleaner
  • ​Cordless or Corded : A crucial question to answer
  • ​A review of the top 7 hot tub vacuum cleaners
  • ​Consider your budget
  • ​Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A review of how hot tub vacuums operate

Hot tub vacuums work almost the same as regular air vacuum, the only difference being, hot tub vacuum suck water instead of air.

Vacuum cleaners work by sucking water then filtering the debris through a transparent mesh bag, thus leaving your hot tub debris free.

Based on the mode of operation, there are four types of hot tub volumes:

I. Mechanical power
Mechanically, powered vacuum cleaners rely on manual pumping action to generate the force required to suck and force the water through the filter.

II. Electrically powered
Electrically powered hot tub vacuums use electricity to power a pump within them. The pump sucks your hot tub water and forces it through a sieve, thus filtering out all debris.

III. Horse powered
Horse powered hot tub vacuums use the hydraulic force of the water from the horse to generate suction power. The vacuum sucks, filters, and ejects hot tub water.

IV. Battery-powered
Battery-powered hot tub vacuum cleaners use lithium rechargeable batteries to store electricity. They work on the same principle as electrically powered vacuums.

Why should you consider purchasing a Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner?

1. They make hot tub cleaning a whole lot easier

Regular cleaning of a hot tub involves scrubbing your hot tub then running a sieve across the water to filter out debris. The other option is draining your tub completely, which is disappointing if you had drained your hot tub a day or a few hours before. Sometimes, you might end up wishing you had a better tool to do it.

That is where hot tub vacuums come in. Hot tub vacuuming takes a short time and leaves your hot tub water crystal clear.

2. Hot tub vacuuming does not require much effort

When operating a hot tub vacuum cleaner, all you have to do is hold it up and press a button. As opposed to sieving your hot tub water manually. Although, some hot tub vacuum cleaners like mechanically powered vacuums require you to work harder because they have to be pumped for them to filter the water.

3. They are more efficient

Everybody loves that crystal-clear look in a clean hot tub. However, attaining that level of tub cleanliness can be hard when you don't have the proper tool to do it.

Regular filtration tools leave you at a disadvantage since you have to chase the debris all around the tub due to water currents.

Hot tub vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, filter water by sucking it in hence no debris 'escapes' with the moving water. After that cleanup, your hot tub's water becomes crystal clear and free of debris.

4. They clean every part of your hot tub

Certain parts like the filter and pump are hard to clean using regular tools because reaching into edges can be hard.

The suction power of hot tub vacuum cleaners dislodges all the debris stuck on these parts, leaving your hot tub clean.

5. They are fun to use

Apart from being very instrumental in your hot tubs cleaning process, vacuum cleaners can be pretty fun to use too. When holding a pool party, people use mechanical suction vacuums to play water games.

6. They are relatively affordable

Hot tub vacuum cleaners don't cost too much. When you compare their price to the benefits you get from using them, you realize that they are worth a try.

Essential things to consider when purchasing a hot tub vacuum

1. Suction power

All hot tub vacuum cleaners make tub cleaning easy. You can make your vacuuming experience a whole lot easier and faster by using one that has more suction power. In general, electrical vacuums are the most powerful, followed by battery-powered and horse vacuums. The power of mechanically powered vacuums largely depends on the force produced by the pumping action.

Powerful hot tub vacuums are also better at dislodging debris and algae stuck on the walls of your tub. We, therefore, recommend going for a more powerful vacuum.

2. Additional attachments

Vacuum attachments like skimmers, brushes, nozzles, and sponges make pool cleaning more comfortable and faster.

Brush attachments can help you scrub the grime, sponges absorb thick, insoluble liquids like lotion and also sticky debris like pollen grains stuck to your hot tub walls. The combination of the debris-dislodging capabilities of attachment tools and the suction power of the vacuum does wonders while cleaning your pool.

You should go for a hot tub vacuum cleaner with attachment tools.

3. Power source

The power source of a hot tub vacuum cleaner greatly influences its working speed, efficiency, and the time it takes to vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners powered by the filtration system work slower and might cause damage to your filtration system in the long run.

However, battery/electrically-powered vacuum cleaners work faster and don't damage your hot tub in any way.

4. Whether it has a telescopic pole

Vacuum cleaners that come with a telescopic pole facilitate the cleaning of hard-to-reach places like walls and steps.

5. Your budget

Hot tub vacuum cleaners come in a wide variety of size, functionality, and price. When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for yourself, it is essential to contemplate your budget.

Cordless vacuums are cheaper than corded vacuums, because they are not as potent. However, they vary in price; hence you cannot fail to find one that suits your budget.

6. Filtration system

This is a significant factor to consider because the efficiency of a vacuum largely depends on the size of the pores in its filtration system. You should go for vacuums that come with microfilters. Microfilters filter out all sizes of particles, even the tiniest ones, leaving your hot tub water super clean.

7. Ease of usage

Some hot tub vacuum cleaners are harder to use than others. Mechanically powered vacuums require you to pump continuously for them to filter your hot tub's water; hence you get tired. Electrical and battery-powered vacuums only require to be held up and moved around for them to filter your hot tubs water.

Cordless Hot Tub Cleaner or Corded Hot Tub Cleaner: A crucial factor to consider

Before making your decision on the hot tub vacuum you are going to buy, it is vital to contemplate the size of your hot tub.

Corded hot tub vacuum cleaners are useful in small tubs since the reaching distance is short. How well they clean depends entirely on their power and attachments.

Cordless vacuums, on the other hand, can be used in a hot tub of any size and come in handy when your power outlet is far from your hot tub. They mainly operate by the use of batteries.

Consider your budget

As mentioned earlier in the guide, the cost of the vacuum cleaner is a significant factor to consider. Setting a budget of the maximum money you are willing to spend enables you to narrow down your choices by reducing them to those within your set budget limit.

A Review of the top 7 Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaners

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This our top pick. The vacuum is very convenient to use and is self-contained. This means it does not require an external source of energy.

It comes with an aluminum telescopic pole that can extend up to seven feet. This feature gives you the room to reach dirt on every part of your hot tub.

It also comes with a super fine net that sweeps clean,collecting debris like rocks, marbles, pennies, and fine sand particles.

This vacuum works by use of air pressure to suck and release water while filtering out the debris. It is suitable for cleaning hot tubs, small kid’s pools, and fountains.

It comes equipped with a large net to collect debris hence eliminating the need to clean or empty your filtration net repeatedly.


  • ​It is self-contained hence once purchased, no running costs are necessary
  • ​Comes with a big net, therefore, does not require frequent emptying


  • ​It is expensive


This vacuum uses lithium rechargeable batteries that can last up to forty-five minutes. It comes with two microfilters and one reusable all-purpose filter. Its minimum operating depth is nine inches inclined at 45 degrees.

Its fine filters ensure that there are no solid contaminants left in the tub after vacuuming.

On the downside, its suction power is limited.


  • ​Uses lithium batteries for an extended time in use
  • ​Comes with multiple filters for improved efficiency
  • ​Collects even the tiniest debris, leaving your pool clear of debris


  • ​Limited suction power hence cannot remove large debris particles.


This is a hand-held, rechargeable-battery-powered vacuum.

Its suction power is substantial hence removes all debris from your pool. It also comes with an extension rod to enable you to access every part of your hot tub.

It has two brushes that can be interchanged. They are also of different sizes so you can use any of them depending on space.

This vacuum is convenient, easy to use, and very durable. It also comes with an aluminum extension rod. The only issue with this vacuum is that it has short battery life.


  • ​Comes with interchangeable batteries for more comfortable usage and increased performance
  • ​It has an extension rod to help you reach all areas of your hot tub.


  • ​Limited battery life


This vacuum works by utilizing water pressure from a regular horse pipe. It is very economical since it does not require electricity to function. It is ideal for above-ground pools, spas, and fountains.

It comes in a standard size and is compatible with all general telescopic poles. It is easy to use. However,you need to be experienced to operate it fully.

Its assembly instructions are not easy to understand, but you can always research on the internet or watch YouTube video guides.


  • ​It does not require electricity to work hence very economical
  • ​Compatible with regular water horse
  • ​Compatible with all general extension rodswith a 12-month warranty.


  • ​Difficult installation due to inadequate instructions


This vacuum works on mechanical power .It doesn't require hydraulic power to function.

Its size and design make it easy to move it around your hot tub. It is also very affordable and can be used as a toy in pool parties.

It has numerous nozzles for sucking all types of particles. On the downside, you need to pump continuously to use it and has a weak suction power.


  • ​Very economical because it does not rely on electricity to function
  • ​Great at last minute cleaning
  • ​Great at last minute cleaning


  • ​Limited suction power


Its design makes it very efficient to use, especially when you connect its wide nozzle or slide-on-brush. It is also fast in clearing debris.

Its simple design facilitates easy assembly and usage. It also comes with a dry leaf skimmer and handles debris pretty well.

It is very convenient and useful in hot tubs and small pools.


  • Pretty ​Comes with a simple design to facilitate easy usage and maintenanc
  • ​Works pretty quick
  • ​No need for external energy sources like electricity or horse for it to function


  • ​Not suitable for large pools or hot tubs


This vacuum cleaner is light and very efficient. It generates its suction hence does not rely on your hot tubs filtration system.

It is 20% more potent than other vacuums of the same size. It also comes with a large filter bag, which is at least 40% larger than regular vacuum filter bags.

It is easy to use and can be connected to an extension rod for easier cleaning of the hot tub. It also has specially designed vents to facilitate the collection of particles.

On the downside, its user manual does not provide information on troubleshooting.


  • ​Large filter bag
  • ​Very easy to use and assemble
  • ​Specially designed vents that increase efficiency


  • ​The user manual does not provide troubleshooting information

Spa Vac Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question: Why does my hot tub vacuum lose its suction?
Answer: Several factors can cause a reduction in the suction power of a tub cleaner. The most common reason for the loss in suction power for vacuums is clogging caused by the filtered debris.

Question: How do tub cleaners work?
Answer: Hot tub vacuum cleaners work on the same principle as regular air vacuums. They draw water in through their nozzles and pass it through a filter, thus eliminating debris in your hot tub. They also come with filter bags that store the waste while you are vacuuming.

Question: What are the merits of using tub cleaners?
Answer: Hot tab vacuum cleaners make hot tub cleaning very easy by reducing the energy and time it takes to clean your bathtub.


Hot tub vacuum cleaners are essential accessories to add to your hot tub maintenance tools. They not only clean your hot tub faster but also make your cleaning experience less tiring and enjoyable. They are also more effective than regular manual filters and brushes.

Unless your hot tub is always covered 24/7, the probability of dirt and debris getting into your hot tub is very high. This is especially problematic when these contaminants get lodged in tight spaces that regular brushes can't reach. Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum is the best and most efficient hot tub vacuum cleaner. You can effortlessly use the appliance to get rid of contaminants leaving your tub clean. Its features are overwhelming. The unit is durable and efficient.

We hope that the knowledge you have attained by reading this guide will prove instrumental when you are going to buy a new hot tub vacuum cleaner. The seven vacuums listed above are exceptional, efficient, and reliable.