Best Hot Tub Reviews and Buyer's Guide 2020

Do you enjoy relaxing in hot water with friends and family? If so, then purchasing a hot tub might be an excellent investment for you. Although it can be an expensive one, several benefits can help outweigh this downside. Hot tubs can be therapeutic for anyone that suffers from pain because it can be used as hydrotherapy to help relax muscles.

However, hot tubs can also be an excellent way to just relax in general with friends and family. It is important to understand that although hot tubs can be a huge investment, they come in a variety of sizes with different features that can lessen the financial burden, depending on your needs. Remember that it is important to research to ensure you are making the best choice for your needs.

Hot Tub Buyer's Guide

Researching hot tubs is one of the best ways to ensure that you will make the right purchasing decision. Below, you will find eight of the top hot tubs available to search through. It is important to ensure that you know what you are looking for before making a final decision.

The first thing you want to consider is your price range. Hot tubs range from different sizes. This means that if you want to invest in a hot tub, you can find one to fit your price range. You just need to figure out the features that you can and cannot live without.

You also need to consider how many people you will want to use the hot tub at the same time. This will influence the size of the hot tub that you will need to get. It is important to note that the larger the hot tub the more expensive the investment, but it might be worth it if you plan on entertaining friends.

Location is also another aspect that you need to consider before looking at and purchasing your hot tub. Most people have their hot tubs installed outside on their porch or some sort of deck. Figure out where you want to put the hot tub and then make sure you measure the area to ensure you have enough space for the hot tub and to maneuver around it, as needed.

There are a few more features and things that you will need to consider, but we will go into those further down in this article after you have gone through our reviews. For now, you need to mainly think about the size and location as a starting point while looking at our reviews.

Top 8 Hot Tub Reviews and Top Pick


Lifesmart is a well-known manufacturer of hot tubs and spas, and this model has a few features that set it apart from many others on the market. It is capable of fitting four adults comfortably, and it has a total of twelve powerful jets that can be used for hydrotherapy or just to relax after a long day.

It is made from an eco thermoplastic, which makes the hot tub lightweight and portable in case there is a need to move it in the future, which is nice because most hot tubs are heavy making them difficult to move without a lot of extra assistance. It also comes with a blue and red lens cap for the lighting system in the hot tub.


  • ​12 powerful jets
  • ​Lightweight and portable
  • ​Doesn't require any assembly


  • ​Can only reach 100 degrees


Hudson Bay Spas has manufactured several quality hot tubs, and this model is one of their best. It is designed to be easy to move if the need arises, and it comes installed with a light system that can be changed between seven different colors.

It has a nice color scheme for the design, and it is capable of sitting four people comfortably.

To help with hydrotherapy, they have added fourteen jets to the hot tub that can provide a nice massage after a hard day's work, and it also comes with a heavy-duty lockable safety cover to help keep the hot tub clean. Plus, it uses a high-density spray foam insulation that helps to keep the water at its max temperature for longer.


  • ​Easy to move if needed
  • ​7 color lighting change system
  • ​Can heat up to max heat overnight
  • Has a floating chemical dispenser.


  • ​Difficult installation manual


Essential manufactures several hot tub models, and this model was designed to be functional and attractive. It can be purchased in a gray granite or cobblestone color, and it was designed to plug into a standard 120V outlet, which makes it convenient.

It is capable of sitting up to six people comfortably, and it has twenty stainless steel jets that can provide a relaxing therapy or a stronger massage.

It comes with an insulated tapered cover that has lock clips that helps to protect the hot tub year-round to ensure that it is ready to use whenever you feel the need to relax in it. It is important to note that the lid that comes with the hot tub is a bit heavy, which means you might need help to put it on or when removing it.


  • ​Easy to clean and set up
  • ​Attractive design
  • ​20 stainless steel jets


  • ​Heavy lid


This is another hot tub designed and manufactured by Essential, but it is a bit smaller than the other hot tub model. However, it is still capable of fitting three to four people comfortably at a time.

The seating is designed to contour to your body, and it has a total of fourteen stainless steel jets that can help to relax or massage you, as desired.

It can be controlled easily with the touch of a single button, and it is classified as an all-season hot tub. This means that you can enjoy this hot tub regardless of the temperature outside. Essential has also included a cover that has locking clips to ensure that your hot tub will be clean and ready every time you plan to use it.


  • ​Heats quickly
  • ​Smaller compact design
  • ​Easy to maintain


  • ​Poor lid design


Hudson Bay is a well-known manufacturer of hot tubs, and this is one capable of entertaining six people at a time. It has a larger build than some hot tubs, and it is better suited as an outdoor hot tub than an indoor one.

It has digital Balboa controls that make it easy to manage the hot tub settings, and it has twelve LED lights around its perimeter and one underwater light that is meant to set the mood.

It is built with an energy rite pump that is designed to help save on the energy cost of running this hot tub, and it comes with two turbo seats that are designed to provide the maximum hydrotherapy possible. Plus, it can be plugged into any standard 110V/20Amp outlet, and the cord has a 10ft reach, which helps with placing it.


  • ​Excellent customer service
  • ​Quality mood lighting system
  • ​14 stainless steel jets


  • ​Could use better insulation


Home and Garden has been manufacturing hot tubs and other like devices for many years, and they have designed this spa hot tub to sit six people comfortably. Due to its size, it is recommended as an outdoor spa, and it has a beautiful marble look to it. It comes with digital Balboa controls that make the hot tub easy to change and keep track of the different settings.

This hot tub model also comes with an automatic switch-off button that is designed to save on energy and water usage when it is not required. It holds 310 gallons of water, and it has underwater LED lights that change between seven colors, and it has two fountains that are also lit by LED lights.


  • ​Adjustable power settings
  • ​Maintains temperature easily
  • ​Auto switch off feature


  • ​Unfriendly instruction manual


Essential has been manufacturing quality hot tubs for many years, and this hot tub is made from acrylic and has a gray color. Unlike other hot tubs, this one comes with a total of fifty stainless steel jets, and 34 of these jets are adjustable, which allows you to fix them to the right angle needed for the best massage and hydrotherapy possible.

It is capable of sitting six people comfortably, and it is recommended to have this hot tub installed and hooked up by a certified electrician to ensure that it works properly. It contains a stainless steel Balboa heater that makes this hot tub viable throughout the year, and this hot tub is a USA product.


  • ​Powerful jet system
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Easily maintains temperature


  • ​Needs a more detailed instruction manual


This is a quality hot tub model that is designed by a well-known hot tub manufacturer, Essential. It has an espresso color and two beautiful fountain ports that shoot out into the hot tub. It is recommended for five to six people, and it comes with thirty stainless steel adjustable jets that are designed to adjust and move with the single touch of a button. It has two captain's chairs and a lounger seat for comfort.

It can be plugged into a standard 120V outlet, and it has a GFCI cord included with the hot tub, which makes it easy to simply plug and play once the hot tub has been installed.

It comes with a stainless steel Balboa heater that helps to keep the hot tub warm all year long, and it also has a quality insulated tapered cover to help protect it from gathering trash and other things that might be harmful to the health and keep up of the hot tub.


  • ​Designed to fit four people
  • ​Easy to setup
  • ​Quality filtration system


  • ​Poorly designed drainage system

Pick the right Size

Choosing the right size of your hot tub is one of the most important things that you need to consider before making your final selection. When most people think about this, they merely think about the number of people that they want to fit into the hot tub at any given time, but this is not the only thing.

When it comes to the size of your hot tub you need to consider the area where you are placing it and will you have enough maneuverability around the hot tub once it has been installed. These can be answered by ensuring you thoroughly plan on where you want your hot tub to go before purchasing one.

Important Considerations

As stated, although considering the size of your hot tub is important, there are several other considerations that you need to think about, as well. Below are just a few things that you need to also consider.

Pumps and Jets

What would a hot tub be without jets to add a feature to your hot tub experience? It is important to understand that a quality pump is required to ensure that your hot tub will provide a hydrotherapeutic benefit and a great performance at the same time.

Running Costs

It is important to consider the costs of having your hot tub. Not only is it the initial investment to purchase the unit, but you also need to consider how much it will cost you to run it. You need to consider electrical costs, cleaning chemicals, and water usage for the hot tub. This will help you better decide on the size of a hot tub that you can afford to run.

The filtration System

Filtration systems are important to maintain the life of your hot tub. Some come with full filtration systems with them, which helps keep the water clean and manageable, but some require you to purchase a filtration system separately. Make sure you know what your hot tub comes with so you know if a filtration system is included or will have to be an additional investment.


Hot tubs can be made from a variety of materials, like fiberglass, different grades of plastic, and resin. It is important to note that hot tubs that are made of sturdier materials will cost more money. However, this is where knowing your price limits come in handy. You need to know your budget and then search and see the highest grade of material that will fit in that area.

Additional Features

When looking at a hot tub, some features might not come with every model. This is where looking at brands that provide a whole package comes in handy. Some of the features that higher-quality brands might provide include an insulator cover, music players with speakers, ozonators, and LED lighting systems. Adjustable jets is another additional feature that can be a quality benefit.

Hot Tub Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When looking at hot tubs, there are several questions that you might want to know the answer to. To help you with this, we have found the answers to common questions that can help with deciding on a final model.

1. Question: ​Is it possible to move a hot tub once it's installed?

Answer:​After having your hot tub installed, it is possible to move it, but it is not recommended. Hot tubs are heavy and they can be damaged easily. However, if you do need to move it, you should make sure that you have a lot of help to help preserve it and make sure it is not damaged in the move.

2. Question: ​Will I need a special permit to install a hot tub?

Answer: ​Generally, you do not have to have permission or any particular permits to install a relocatable or temporary unit like a hot tub. However, if you live in a neighborhood that has its own rules, you need to check with them to make sure there isn't anything against it.

3 Question: ​When measuring for a hot tub, how much space should you have around the outside of your hot tub?

Answer: ​You should plan for at least a foot on all sides of your hot tub after it is installed. This helps to ensure that you can maneuver around the hot to keep it clean and use a cover with ease.

4. Question: ​Is it important to get a hot tub with adjustable jets?

Answer: ​This feature is not necessary to have for a quality hot tub, but it adjustable jets do provide an extra benefit because you can move the jets to the areas that need massaging the most, as opposed to regular jets that cannot be move and only provide a steady stream.

Conclusion: The Best Hot Tub Is...

All in all, deciding to purchase a hot tub is a huge investment decision, and you should research all aspects of owning one before making your final purchasing decision. Everyone has their own needs and wants for a hot tub, and you must flush out these questions before you even start looking at hot tubs. However, we intended to review and find the best overall hot tub for the majority of people's needs.

After reviewing the hot tubs above, we have concluded that the best hot tub available is the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Hot Tub Spa. It is lightweight and portable, which means that it can be moved if the original spot that was chosen doesn't work out. Plus, it comes with a powerful jet system to help with hydrotherapy and to assist in relaxing. This doesn't mean that this hot tub will always be the best choice for you, but it is the overall best hot tub available