Top 5 Hot Tub Ozonator Reviewed for 2021

Relaxing in your hot tub is a great experience, but when your hot tub becomes infested with bacteria and has a chemical buildup, it starts to smell. Sometimes the smell might be so bad that you can’t use it anymore, and you start considering to drain it. That would work but lucky enough, there is an even easier way to do it- using an Ozonator.


An Ozonator generates ozone, which breaks down the contaminants in your hot tub water, leaving it clean, healthy, and smelling great. But just because Ozonators purify the water doesn’t mean that they are all high-quality products.

To enjoy the full benefits of having an Ozonator installed in your hot tub, you must install one that is of the best quality.



What is an Ozonator?

An Ozonator is an ozone generator. The ozone it generates is used to oxidize contaminants in water and reduce the chemicals present in the water to the required levels.

Ozone is about 3000 times more powerful than bleach, thus making it the second most powerful oxidant in the world (the first one is deadly fluorine gas) That quality makes it more effective than any sanitizer available in the market. Using an Ozonator not only keeps your hot tub sanitized but also saves you money because you don’t have to buy regular sanitizers.


Ozonator Types

There are two common types of Ozonators available on the market.

Corona Discharge (CD)

Ultra Violet (UV)


This type of Ozonator generates ozone by the use of corona discharge-Corona discharge is similar to the electricity observed in a thunderstorm. It splits the oxygen (O2) molecules and combines them into ozone (O3) molecules. The ozone is delivered to the hot tub water by use of pool pipes or tubes.


II. Ultra Violet (UV)

UV Ozonators are not as effective as CD Ozonators. They work by dissolving ozone into the hot tub water, thus killing bacteria and other microorganisms. Oxidation of the water simply destroys the organic matter in the hot tub and breaks down the chloramines present.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Ozonator

  1. The size of your hot tub

Ozonators are designed to handle specific volumes of water comfortably. If you were to place a small Ozonator in a huge hot tub, it would not work as effectively. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the size of your hot tub to the Ozonator you want to buy.

  1. The material it is made of

The material used in making both the exterior and interior of Ozonators play a crucial role in determining the durability of the Ozonator. Ozonators made of plastic or aluminum last longer because they are rust and corrosion-resistant.

  1. The duration and terms of its warranty

When buying an Ozonator, it is essential to check the terms and conditions and duration of the warranty, as stated by the manufacturer. We advise you to choose the one with the most suitable conditions like a comprehensive package and a lengthy period before it expires.

  1. The type of Ozonator

Corona discharge Ozonators are more efficient than Ultraviolet Ozonators. If you have a small hot tub, an ultraviolet Ozonator can also serve you well. However, if you have a large hot tub, it is better to go with a corona discharge Ozonator. You can also buy one that utilizes both technologies for better efficiency.

  1. Installation

When purchasing an Ozonator, you should make sure that it comes with an instruction manual to aid you in installation. You should also ensure that it has all the installation components needed for that particular model.


Top 5 Ozonators on the Market Reviewed and Top Pick

  1. DEL Ozone Hot Tub and Spa Eclipse


This effective Ozonator eliminates the need to use chemicals to clean your hot tub. The ozone it produces along with the chlorides and bromides present in your hot tub removes all microorganisms in your hot tubs water, thus keeping it clean and safe. It also eliminates the bad odor present in the water.

It is suitable for use in hot tubs with a water capacity of up to 750 gallons. It also comes with a comprehensive instruction manual to aid you in installation.

  1. Prozone Water Products PZ1 220V Ozone System


This Ozonator is robust and durable and keeps your hot tub water sparkling clean due to is effective technology. It is designed for large hot tubs. It utilizes its innovative patterned technology to provide an excellent quality management system for the water in your tub.

It is very durable. It also doesn’t require regular maintenance, thus ensuring you have a hustle-free bathing experience in clean and hygienic water.

  1. QCA Spas Del Ozone APG-U-01 Ozonator


This sturdy Ozonator utilizes its ozone-based cleaning technology to eliminate the microorganisms present in your hot tubs water. It, therefore, eliminates the need to use oxidizers such as chlorine.

Its body is made of plastic, which is a corrosion-resistant material to protect its internal metallic parts from rusting. It is also very durable, and to top it all off; it is priced moderately.

  1. DEL MCD-50 Spa Ozonator Universal Voltage


This Ozonator is specially designed for large hot tubs. One of the benefits of using this Ozonator is that its ozonating chip is replaceable, thus making it more durable and cost-effective.

Its high output sanitizing system adds on to its effectiveness. It also comes with an instruction and water chemistry manual.

  1. Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub


This is one of the most effective Ozonators in the market. It eliminates not only microorganisms but also other residual contaminants such as oils and makeup. Since you don’t require many chemicals when using it, it helps reduce the chlorine odor in your hot tub.

It has to be replaced every 24 months to ensure efficiency. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual to ease installation and use.


Our Top Pick


We will go with DEL Ozone Hot Tub and Spa Eclipse as our top pick due to its efficiency and added features like auto voltage sensing.

It is very effective in killing microorganisms, thus leaving your hot tub water sanitized.

Its detailed instruction manual also eases installation and usage, which is a big plus.


The Bottom Line

Sanitizing your hot tub is essential in maintaining a clean and safe bathing environment in your hot tub. Chemical sanitizers cost a lot when you take into consideration how many times you need to add them to your hot tub. Using an Ozonator saves you not only money but also reduces the hustle of cleaning your hot tub regularly.

You should always go for an Ozonator of high quality and durability to ensure that you get the full value for your money.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Question: How do you define ozone?

Answer: Ozone is gas made of three oxygen atoms per molecule. It acts as a disinfectant by oxidizing chemicals and microorganisms, thus eliminating them.

  1. Question: How often should I use my Ozonator?

Answer: The frequency at which you run your Ozonator depends on how much you use it. If you use it regularly, it is best to keep it running for at least three hours every six hours when the tub is in use. You should also note that the more you use your Ozonator, the sooner you will need to replace it.

  1. Question: Are ozonators environmentally safe?

Answer: Yes. Ozonators are not harmful to the environment. The ozone produced protects the earth from ultraviolet radiation. Although, at sea level, an ozone molecule breaks down into an oxygen atom and an oxygen molecule. Most of the ozone produced by hot tub Ozonators remains dissolved in the water.



Choosing the best Ozonator to use in your hot tub requires knowledge of what to expect from a good Ozonator, as well as understanding the nature of your hot tub in terms of water capacity and frequency of use.

The information we have provided on this guide on Ozonators is enough for you to make an informed decision. If you don’t like going through the hustle of moving around trying to find the best Ozonator for your hot tub, you can go for any of the five that we have reviewed.