Top 7 Hot Tub Step Reviewed for 2021

Having a hot tub is a great thing. It brings lots of fun and provides you with a place to relax. When in use, hot tubs often get slippery, and that may cause you to slide while getting in or out of your hot tub. There is also the issue of overstretching yourself when entering or exiting the hot tub.


Accidents and discomfort while accessing the hot tub destroys your hot tub experience, but lucky for you, there is a solution that can eliminate those bummers — hot tub steps. Hot tub steps are specially designed with treaded steps and ideal height to make getting in and out of your hot tub a seamless experience.


With so many hot tubs steps on the market, choosing the best one can be daunting, but you don’t need to worry because we’ve got you! We have all the necessary information and tips you need to buy the best hot tub steps as well as provide you with a review of seven of the best tub steps on the market.


Here is what to expect in this guide.

What you need to put into consideration when buying hot tub steps

  1. Strength and stability

The strength and stability of hot tub steps is a very crucial factor to consider. The primary purpose of purchasing the steps is to help you get in and out of your hot tub. Buying weak and unstable steps could cause the accidents that you were trying to avoid in the first place.

You should pick steps that are sturdy and have treads for increased friction with your feet. It is also essential to choose steps that have rubber footing to prevent movement of the steps when you step on them.

  1. Installation method

Most hot tub steps don’t require any installation because they are free-standing. However, some like storage steps, and some other designs require assembly and fixing to the sides of your hot tub.

Installation of hot tub steps is a relatively straightforward process, and the manufacturers provide instruction manuals on how to do it. However, it does not hurt to err on the safe side by choosing one that you can manage to assemble and install yourself.

  1. Compatibility

Steps can be used with any above-ground hot tub because they merely stand freely against the hot tub. It is, however, worth noting that straight-sided steps like storage steps don’t work well with round hot tubs.

When choosing the best hot tub steps to buy, it is essential to pick those that are compatible with the shape of your hot tub. Round hot tubs require steps that have a built-in curve to sit against the curved wall of your round tub. The same goes for straight-walled hot tub steps.

  1. Whether it matches with your hot tub

Hot tub steps are a one-time investment and probably permanent accessories to your hot tub. You should, therefore, choose steps that match the color and design of your hot tub.

  1. Durability

Hot tub steps are highly durable due to their simple design. They can last a few years, even when left outside in the sun. However, the more moving parts a step has, the higher it’s chance of breakage. We advise on choosing the most rigid design, even when it comes to storage steps.


Review of 7 of the Best Hot Tub Steps

  1. Confer HS2MR Handi-Step for Round/Straight Sided Spa


This is a plastic step with a complete plastic finish for improved rigidity hence cannot break easily when moved around. Its shape and design also make it suitable for both flat-walled and round hot tubs.

It is also effortless to clean and assemble as it does not require you to use any tools when assembling it.

  1. Leisure Accents Deluxe Spa Step


If you own a long hot tub, then this is probably the best product for you. It is UV resistant hence can be used with outside hot tubs and spas without any chance of plastic damage.

Also, its dual-tone finish gives it an elegant look that can go with most hot tubs.

  1. Byron Originals sure step 2


This hot tub steps are very rigid and come with tones of other advantages as well. Their design enables them to be compatible with hot tubs of any shape. Also, they come in a very nice coloring scheme that goes well with most hot tubs.

It takes minutes to assemble and can be washed easily with soap. It also has self-leveling cushion pads that offer a significant amount of stability and surface protection.

  1. Confer Plastics Resin Multi-Purpose Spa Hot Tub Handi


If you are looking for effective steps with a simple design, then these steps are a great choice to consider. They have a very simple design and are compatible with both flat-walled and rounded hot tubs.

It is also straightforward to assemble and clean. Moving them around is not an issue because they weigh roughly 15 pounds.

  1. Blue Wave Economical Spa Side Step


Just as it says in its name, this step is very economical compared to others of its quality in the market. It is 16 inches high hence can work on most hot tubs. It is made of hard plastic, which is very rigid and stable.

The steps are textured with patterns to act as treads, thus reducing the risk of sliding off. It is pretty lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds, hence it is easy to carry around. The downside of purchasing this product is that the color pattern used is not very appealing.

  1. Stool outdoor step storage


If you have kids, then you should consider purchasing this product. It is made of cedar wood and is quite heavy hence providing excellent stability. It is a product of Rusty’s woodwork, which is a reputable brand in the wood work industry; therefore, you are assured of quality.

  1. Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Compartment


This premium step comes with a handrail too. It also has excellent finishing and is UV protected to ensure the colors don’t fade off even if it is placed in direct sunlight for months.

It does not contain any unnecessary hardware; hence it is pretty easy to assemble. The plastic is made with an elegant wooden finish that goes well with most premium hot tubs.


Our Top Pick

We will go with the Confer HS2MR Handi-Step for Round/Straight Sided Spa as our top pick. It has a very simple yet efficient design and is quite easy to assemble.


It is made of plastic; hence it is not susceptible to damage by water or moisture.Its design and color also make it look good with most hot tubs.


The Bottom Line

Hot tubs steps are essential for safe entry and exit to your hot tub. However, when choosing the one to buy, you should consider crucial factors like the shape of your hot tub and the material it is made of.

Buying a step compatible with your hot tub and that is also durable gives you value for your money and the satisfaction of owning a great product.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Question: What are hot tub steps made of?

Answer: Most hot tub steps are made of hard plastic, but the more expensive premium models are made of wood.

  1. Question: What is the best way to choose a hot tub step for my tub?

Answer: First, you need to consider the shape and size of your hot tub. The shape and size of your hot tub play a significant role in ensuring that the step is compatible. You then need to consider the color of your hot tub so that you buy a step that matches with it. You should also limit your choices to those that are within your budget.

  1. Question: How are hot tub steps assembled?

Answer: Hot tub steps come with assembly instructions. In most cases, you won’t need to use the guidelines as most steps are made with a very simple design; hence assembly is straightforward.


Choosing the best hot tub step to use on your hot tub can be a daunting task, but if you use the information provided on this guide, you are sure to find the perfect step for your tub because you already know what you are looking for.

When you go shopping for a hot tub step, make sure you take into consideration all the factors that we have provided. They will help you make a good decision and get the full value of your money’s worth. You can also purchase one of the seven steps that we have reviewed to save up on the time and energy that you would spend searching for one.